China lagi : Information Banned!!

Recently, there are several evidence to prove the government is strengthen the control of speech in China. Here are some of them.

New Round of Satellite TV Ban

Satellite TV is always forbidden (Satellite Dishes Still Forbidden in China) for most of the people. Only some specially assigned places, some approved star hotels, and places where foreigners live are allowed to install satellite TV. Normal people (some translate it as Old Hundreds Names) are not allowed to be exposed to what the international world says about China.

I installed my satellite TV in my garden (which is illegal). It is not a news that this is ban – this ban was never lifted. But recently, with more and more people install it, and with the upcoming party meeting in Beijing, they strengthen it. I see the poster everywhere that people have to remove their equipment within 3 months to avoid penalty.

I am sure that some one will jump into my garden and remove my dish in 3 months (this time they look as serious as previous countless time they enforce it. So let’s wait and see what happens, and I will broadcast it.

Xiamen Kills Anonymous Post

According to the Xiamen Bureau of Industry and Commerce, they are going to require all the information posted on the Internet to be in real name (the name that is on your national ID card) so police know who to arrest when you post something “unhealthy or harmful”.

It requires all blog owners and website owners to register their real name with the government (this is not something new), and they also requires anyone without a national ID card registered cannot post on a blog (as a comment) or on BBS. Anonymous posting is not allowed in anyway.

The draft also requires the establishment of a management mechanism for websites and discussion forums, including systems for quick deletion of unhealthy information, discussion with individuals responsible for offending websites , punishment of offending websites , and circulation of directives about online public opinion. Forum post must be filtered and reviewed before they are posted online, and the moderator will receive frequently updated ban-word, or “unhealthy” information that they must delete.

This sounds ridiculous, and Xiamen is just the first city implement it. That means, to be a legal website, I have to close the comment system below this post, and you have to fax your national ID card, or your passport to me before you can make a comment on this blog, otherwise, I will be fined or put into jail. What a joke…

Also, Xiamen government make one step further in the great effort of censorship in China. They requires that all post made online must under the REAL NAME of the person (the name on his/her passport) to post any comment. You cannot use a nickname, or something like “superman”. It must by your real name.


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